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We have used Catering Services at the Kensington Close Hotel for a number of years and have found them to be an excellent and reliable supplier of our Fruit Juices and Coffees. Their deliveries are always on time and their …

Laszlo Nyari

G.M. Kensington Close Hotel

For over 7 years, C.S.S. have continually provided us with good quality products and a rapid, dependable service. Definitely, a highly recommended supplier.…

Angus Smith

Catering Manager, Gordonstoun School


C.S.S. are constantly reviewing ways in which we can adapt our packaging in line with technological developments and the implementation of such technologies in the waste disposal facilities and policies employed by local councils in the U.K.

Less Carbon Emissions
All our products can be stored at room temperature, reducing the impact on our Environment caused by unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions during frozen transportation and storage.

Our high case yields, where 1 case of our product is equivalent to between 6 and 10 cases of Ready to Drink, minimise our carbon footprint due to significantly reduced numbers of deliveries.


Less Packaging Waste
The outer carton of our products is made from recyclable cardboard. The use of concentrated drinks means C.S.S. create less packaging waste as 1 case of our Fruit Juice/Slush is equivalent to between 72 and 140 cartons of Ready to Drink.

Careful Sourcing and Social Responsibility

C.S.S. have been established for more than 30 years in this industry and as a respected supplier we feel it is our responsibility to source our products ethically and to ensure that the resources and labour we use are taken in an ethical and sustainable manner.
Our range of Fairtrade Fruit Juice and Coffee, in addition to Rainforest Alliance and Organic Coffees have been blended with a particular focus on high quality. You can be confident that with C.S.S. you are using  Premium Quality products that are fairly and ethically traded.

Our range consists of:
• Fairtrade Fruit Juices
• Fairtrade Coffee
• Rainforest Alliance Coffee
• Organic Coffee

Natural and Nutritious Ingredients
C.S.S. use only natural ingredients in our products wherever possible – so much so, that just a 150ml serving of our Cool Crush Slush and 100% pure Fruit Juices qualify as 1 of your recommended daily portions of 5 Fruit and Vegetables per day.

“Your Health is your Wealth“

“It’s Official”  Our 100% Natural Slush and All our Pure Fruit Juice products have been certified by the Department of Health as qualifying for 1 of your 5 a day. Yes, not only are our products full of flavour but they are good for you as well.

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